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PLASTIC CASKET: Evil, crazy, or pure genius?
...And, yes, of course my room and computer are regularly engulfed by flames...
I am Jamie Robinson aka Tenrai Ether from Plastic Casket.
I am involved in a secret conspiracy with Effulgent Graphics.
Well, not really... I'm just the comic book fanartist for his site.
Someday I hopefully can turn Plastic Casket into a cartoon logo making business..
But for now, I just run around doing fanart.
Monica is one great example. She is extremely beautiful. She holds unique features
that are interesting and amazing to draw. I encourage everyone, artist or no, to draw her.
Especially while listening to Street Symphony (my favorite song).
While I'm in the subject of Nathan Grimes from Effulgent Graphics
(and yes, I'm in several subjects at once...) Here is a drawing I did of him:
I usually use Nathan as a model for art and such. He's been really sweet about it too.
It's quite hard to model, since you have to hold still for so long.. The above drawing
was timed at 45 minutes.
Live models are so much better than drawing from pictures or mind.
That's why I'd love to sit down with Monica sometime and just draw away...
I don't think my hand could keep up with me.. I would go crazy.
Then again, I might be a little too in shock to draw Monica if she really were sitting there.
Either the lines on the paper would be beserk or I couldn't draw at all.

Anyway, thank you for checking out this section of the site.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Contact: Tenrai Ether