Meet the Undergroundlings!
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Meet the Undergroundlings!

I seem to be having trouble with uploading, so bear with me on the pictures, they'll be here soon enough. But for now... (and these are just a few, there are about 70 people on the mailing list...)

Persephone (

see: Persephone's Palace
for a short bio and other stuff.

Angela dba Anjelle and occasionally Lady Angolin, has a non-Labyrinth but fantasy related page here:
and a non-David Bowie but music related page here:
Ask her about the St. Louis Labyrinth Project! (

*********Despite his email shell name and origins in Canada, Joe is neither a Boston Bruins fan or someone who follows Hockey at all... Any self references or comparaisons to Bears result either from his size(the guy's 6'5") or disposition (hibernational in the Winter, cuddly or snarly depending on whether he's been fed). One of the older people on the list, he often nods and grins while others are making comments about the 80's... He wants to Act, or Write, or Read but mostly, someday, he'd prefer to Live Happly Ever After (but who wouldn't really)...

Name: MadMarian (a.k.a. Andi Beard) Age: 27 Place: Athens, Ohio Occupation: grad student in linguistics at Ohio University Favorite Labyrinth Character: Sir Didymus Favorite Labyrinth Line: "Oh, it's so stimulating being your hat!" Favorite Jareth Moment: When he sings the last line to "Within You" Favorite Sarah Moment: When she gives Lancelot to Toby (awwww) Other Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Ladyhawke, The Abyss, The Dark Crystal Favorite Music: King's X, 80s stuff (esp. Men At Work), Paul Simon, Celtic, classical, the Monkees (no, really!) Favorite Authors: C.S. Lewis, Madeleine L'Engle, Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury, Connie Willis, Jane Yolen Favorite TV Shows: Babylon 5, Deep Space Nine, Frasier, Early Edition Hobbies: Books, music, books, Websurfing, books, writing, and...books!

Heyo! Gwynneth Alyssa Kirk here, Laby-phile and all around fantasy lover. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I'm a bird person, I'm the youngest in my family at eighteen, I write and sing, and my major is in Jewellery & Metals, at the Alberta College of Art and Design. I'm an inet addict. . . feel free to mail me at Love and peaches to all. .

Pictures from Luna's Labyrinth Page
~thank you thank you thank you, Luna!

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