Labyrinth Fanfiction
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Labyrinth Fanfiction

These are work of fiction, the characters and places from "Labyrinth" are property of Henson productions inc. and are not intended to infringe any copyright.

Alice in the Underground
by Jamie/Persephone Robinson

Alice, now seventeen, returns to the looking glass world, but faces the land of the Labyrinth.

Broken Dreams
by Sarah Hamarain

Toby is once again kidnapped and Sarah returns to the Labyrinth. Or what's left of it...

Do You Love Me?
by Kethryn Jenis

~Sarah's daughter adventures through the Labyrinth, but unfortunely angers Calyspo, Jareth's sister, with her presense (One word: Ukee!!!!!)

Labyrinth: The Game
by Jamie/Persephone Robinson

Labyrinth with a Jumanji plot :):):)

Goblins Take Manhattan
by April Daley

What if goblins ran loose in the city? Or with that fact- the goblin king?

Through Dangers Untold
by Jamie/Persephone Robinson

Jareth goes through a labyrinth himself to prove a love...

More to come, this place is still under construction!

Picture from Kethryn Jenis and her Labyrinth

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