Letters to Jareth
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Letters to Jareth

To understand any of this, read the first two letters.

Our Vistor
The Greeting Letter

Letters and Questions

Rachel's Questions- Jareth's reply
~~~~~~~are any of the characters from our fanfic exist? Do you have any siblings? Do they rule any magical kingdoms? Or are you truly lonely like it portrays in the movie? etc (and other questions)

April's Questions- Jareth's reply
~~~~~~~Can people besides Sarah call or summon you? what exactly are you? know who David Bowie is, (and other questions...)

Katie's Questions- Jareth's reply
~~~~~~~Can you read thoughts? Was the crystal ballroom your dream, Sarah's, or a combination of both? (and more...)

Persephone's Questions- Jareth's reply
~~~~~~~Peaches, medallion, hours in a labyrinth day, songs, etc... (lots of weird questions by yours truly...:)

doppelganger's Questions- Jareth's reply
Eat? Sleep? And other my kinda questions :)

The Last Message

Email: persephone@deathsdoor.com

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