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From Jareth

Greetings to all of you, It pleases me no end to know all of you love the movie about me starring that lovely Jennifer Connelly person. While I haven't read much of the mailing list, Lady Angolin has steered me towards _very_ interesting fan-fiction and discussions. It occurred to me that some of you might appreciate the opportunity to query me directly. If you want to ask me anything, go ahead--ask. Just be careful that you ask the right questions, and be aware that asking questions might lead to answers you don't want to hear. Just to be different, I will give you 11 hours to ask me anything you desire. I'll be checking in several times during the day to answer, but I will be gone after the 11 hours run out. Right now I've little else to say. It's all up to you now. HRH JARETH. Scribed by Lady Angolin (Jareth wouldn't touch the keyboard)


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