Last Message
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The Last Message

It is good you ask what I do for fun, Persephone. I have been asking a lot of questions when others ask for answers, but I think I can be more direct with you. And so everyone will get the chance to see what I came here for. What gives me pleasure is entrapment and seeing who will escape my traps--which is what I have been trying to convey to all of you this evening with limited success. You see, I have heard many lamentations that I have not shown up when "the words" were spoken, when in fact I may well have and the wisher simply was not aware of it. I can make the Labyrinth the subtlest prison you know, and the subtlest imprisonment is not realizing one is imprisoned. You should not have asked me so many questions about getting into the Labyrinth. Getting in is never the problem; remember Hoggish's words--even if you do get to the center, you may never find your way out again. I do not come at a summons for any idle reason; I come to steal and to imprison. Those of you who claim to be waiting for me may well be beholden to me already. And being here today has taught me that I have, unknowingly, found a simpler way of being cruel than arriving at a summons: for some of you, it seems, I have been more cruel by not appearing. I thank you all for revealing the efficacy of this tactic. I find, even so, that leave-taking fills me with regret. I have been much entertained by coming here to visit with all of you today. Even as we may be adversaries (and we may not, for one person's adversary may be another's ally in the Labyrinth), I do sincerely wish you may all find what you are looking for...especially that which you did not know you lost.

HRH JARETH. Scribe: Lady Angolin

************************* Hello, it's me, just plain Angela again. And thus he flew away. I'm gonna miss him. I hope he comes back sometime. Angela


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