The Search for Labyrinth
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The Search of Nifty Stuff

Labyrinthian Stuff
~get some Jarethian crystal balls here!!

Toynet Games
~get a wooden Labyrinth here

Labyrinth For Sale Page
~stuff for sale from the movie

Read it on the Net

Closed Caption of Labyrinth
~from Walter's Labyrinth Page

Early Script of Labyrinth
~from Walter's Labyrinth Page
~this is interesting to read....Jareth turns into a goblin, Sarah walks through a painting, Toby's name is Freddie...

Labyrinth Novel
~from Stephanie's Labyrinth Page

Labyrinth Lyrics

Labyrinth Games

Download *Labyrinth*
~this is the computer game based on the movie

The Labyrinth
~not related to the movie, but very nifty to go through.

A Virtual Labyrinth
~not related to the movie, from Olcay

Another Virtual Labyrinth
~not related to the movie

Labyrinth Riddles
by Jamie/Persephone Robinson

~easy riddles (a break for those who are usually stumped on riddles!) related to the movie...

Labyrinth Funnies

Are You A Labyrinth Addict?
by Jamie/Persephone Robinson

inspired by Charter

Fun Things to do in the Labyrinth
by Jamie/Persephone Robinson

inspired by funny lists like "Fun Things to do in an Elevator"

Keeping Up the Labyrinth
by Catharine (bowiefan)

~Queen Hyacinth Bouquet!! (I still burst out laughing every time I imagine the ending) :)

Mission Impossible
by April Daley

~adventures of the Labyrinth email list (from kidnapping Bowie to solving the labyrinth!)

Miss Piggy and the Labyrinth
by April Daley

~Miss Pigg, Kermit, and Jareth- need I say more?

Mad Libs/Labyrinth
from April Daley and Persephone

~email me to add more!

Quiz: Labyrinth Madness
by Jamie/Persephone Robinson

~take this to see if you rank high in Labyrinth Obession

The Goblin Phone Book!
by Jamie/Persephone Robinson

long ago Brian Froud found the ancient tablets of The Goblin Companion....see what a hyper Persephone finds...

Next up on Geraldo....
by Kristin

~truly hilarious!! (and meant to be taken as a _joke_)

Why the words don't work!
started by Katie Wolk and added to by various

~this should explain it!

This is all for now. More to come!!

Pictures from Luna's Labyrinth Page
~thank you thank you thank you, Luna!

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