Our Visitor
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Our Visitor

How this works will be entirely up to you. You can think of this as fiction or fact--whichever you like. I will make no claims about its reality or unreality. That's the beauty of communicating by computers--you can't always tell. So--without further ado, I would like to present His Royal Highness Jareth, King of the Goblins. The story of how he came to be with me today is long and convoluted; suffice to say he is here now. The next message is from him, even though it originates from my e-mail address. Now if you treat this seriously or at least serious-with-a-wink, you'll get more out of it. Remember Jareth only exists if you believe in him. On the other hand, think very seriously on whether you'd *want* to believe in someone like Jareth. It's all well and good to say how sexy he is, and to lament "the words" don't work for you, but think about it--he _kidnaps children_. Do you really want him around? All right, enough from me, I have to go watch Babylon 5. I'll leave the rest to Jareth and see you all tomorrow. Please reply either to him either at anjelle@accessus.net or to the list, either way use the subject line "To Jareth." Thanks. Good luck! Lady Angolin

Email: persephone@deathsdoor.com

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