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The Will and Testament of Jamie Robinson

I've decided, since I'm such a clutz, etc... that I better make a will now...
It's just something I should do ;). That and I was just bored... so here it goes...

First: If at all possible, I wish to be resurrected. I mean, cleanly resurrected, on the spot as I just died, not when I'm half-decaying in the summer heat for a month. I want to come back looking normal.

If the above cannot be done by my time...
I wish for the following to be performed:

Nathan Grimes must go through my computer and email everyone, my net friends, and give them news of my death. Even though most icq/telnet/email list people may already think I'm dead. (I guess I should chat more with them....) He must also make a kickass website all about me to honor me. :) Then, I want him to take a machine gun and thouroughly shoot my computer several times. This will end the arguements of who gets my computer (family, friends, people I barely know...) and caution of anything secret that I wish to remain in my private files. They will go to hell with me ;).
Mrs. Allen must make everyone in all her class paint me/draw me, etc... for the rest of the year.

More to Come on Making People Do Stuff For Me.

At my funeral, if it must be open casket, I want a squeaky clown nose on my nose, and I want everyone in single file line pass by and squeak it.
At my funeral, I want everyone to ruffle Mr. Moxon's hair. It's petable. Make it all messy. Pet it.
At my funeral, I want to be buried in the space pirate Ryoko's warrior outfit (and makeup) that she wore when she died in the universe series. I want my hair dyed blue and teased the same way too.
At my funeral, I want everyone to take an hour to think about what they did NOT give me when I was alive. They should all be very sad that they didn't do my bidding while they could.
At my funeral, I want Trent Reznor's Heresy and Rob Zombie's Living Dead Girl playing continually
in my coffin.
At my funeral, I want someone to stab me several times in the heart to make sure I won't be buried alive. Or just cut off my head and pull my heart out that way and drive it with a stake to make sure I won't come back as a vampire. Although, I see no harm or anything wrong at all with being a vampire... I just want to skip all of it... I'll just end up killing myself when everyone comes to me for immortal life... bugging me for immortal life. Stupid bum friends.
At my funeral, I want everyone to sign my casket. This makes up for my yearbook I was too lazy to bring to school to have people sign. Dammit, there's not many signatures. I hate being a procrastinator.

I'll think of more later. This is a never-ending will.
Well, no, it ends whenever I die of course...

Now for the good part... who gets what...

To Nathan: Hmm.. I really have no clue what to give you. My black leather pants? ;)
To Karen Nease: I give you my prom date. And my tv and vcr. What the heck =)
To Lucas Edwards: I give you my pretty pink star castle complete with glitter and miniature fairies.
It comes with a glitter filled princess pony carnival and an ice skating rink for the royal family. Have fun!
To Andrew and Max: I want you two to duke it out for my new age books and goodies. :)
To My Brother Tony: I give you permission to sell/trade all my cds for better ones.
To Grant McBride: I give you my left Vans sneaker.
To Andrea Abney: I give you my right Vans sneaker.
To Kaci Pilcher: I give you all sailor moon merchandise I own. It's not much, so you're getting jipped.
To Robert Devillez: I give you my Darth Vader pez dispenser with artificially flavered grape pez.
To This One Girl in Harbison's Back Room At Lunch, Whose Name I Don't Know,
But I think She'll Like It:
I give you my glittery black fairy wings with bells.
To Mrs. Allen: I want you to cut all my hair off right before I'm buried. Then I want you to glue the hair on a large maniquinn and dress it up like me. You can talk to it whenever you like. Make it stay after school late. Attach bells. It's not me, but hey, you need something of me around... you'll go crazy without Jamie. It's for your own good.
To Mr. Moxon: I pass to you a curse. The moment I die is the moment "This is the Song That Never
Ends" will begin playing in your head. You will never get another song stuck in your head... just that song... playing over and over and over again... with no way of stopping it... for the rest of your life...
Sorry, I didn't know what else to leave you. And I wanted to give someone that cool curse.
To Ms. Horning: I give you a barrell of pickles. Thanks for my health class. It obviously didn't help!
pleh! (haha, joking...)

Please contact me if you are not on the list and would like to be! :)

More to Come! Check back later for your name and add-ons! Yay! :)

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